Aktualizacja serwera teamspeak

Notatnik programisty zawsze pod ręką!

Aktualizacja serwera teamspeak

Here is an step by step „How to upgrade”
1. Stop your old server instance (Do not kill it! Or else you will not be able to start your new server for the next 2-3 hours!)

These are official supported ways. to shutdown the whole server. 
All ways will shutdown the whole instance and will report, that slots are not used anymore.

All operation systems:
The ServerQuery command serverprocessstop.
click me to get an "how to use the Query Interface with Putty"

Right-click into the Server Tray Icon -> Then press Exit

Linux/FreeBSD shell:
The command ./ts3server_startscript.sh stop if your server was started with ./ts3server_startscript.sh start

2. Make a copy of the existing ts3server.sqlitedb to have a backup in case something bad happens.
*Make a backup of your TS database in MariaDB/MySQL in case you do not use SQLite

3. Download the right server package from https://www.teamspeak.com/en/downloads#server

4. Extract the server package

5. Overwrite the server files and folders with the extracted content.

6. On Windows/Mac OS start the ts3server binary.
On Linux/FreeBSD start the server with the ts3server_startscript.sh
(First start can take some time)

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